In my pursuit of fine press books and the accompanying quest for knowledge, I have encountered many people who have graciously shared their time, knowledge, inventory, or collections with me. I would like to devote this page - and indeed, this entire site - to all of them.

There is a danger in creating a list of people I would like to thank: I will inevitably leave out someone who should be included. To any that I do inadvertently leave out, please accept my apologies and believe me when I say it is not an intentional slight.

Phil Bishop, Mosher Collector extraordinaire. His Mosher Press Website is startling in its depth and breadth; it has set an impossibly high standard that I will never be able to meet with my small site. I would also like to thank Phil for giving his kind permission to allow me to link directly to pages on his site.

Richard Blacher

Tom Boss of Thomas G. Boss Fine Books

André Chaves

David Hricik

Paul Jackson of the Roycroft Books website. Paul's www.RoycroftBooks.org is a mecca for the large and ever growing cadre of Roycroft Book collectors. Paul has befriended many advanced collectors who have kindly provided pictures of their books. As a result, there are many, many Roycroft books pictured that have never before been seen except by a privileged few.

Herbert H. Johnson for writing Notes on the Elston Press.

David Lowden - for kindly sending me copies of the catalogs of the exhibits he has curated.

Boice Lydell of the Roycroft Arts Museum

Stephen Modiano

Greg Powers of Powers Rare Books for selling me (on approval) my first Elston Press book - The Cenci bound in leather by the Oakwood Bindery. In many ways, Greg started me on this wonderful path.

Bruce Smith of the Arts and Crafts Press

Susan Otis Thompson - for writing American Book Design and William Morris - the only book in my collection that is truly indispensable.

Phil Bishop
Mosher Press Website

Tom Boss
Thomas G. Boss Fine Books
234 Clarendon Street 4th Fl.
Boston, MA 02116

Paul Jackson
Roycroft Books Website

Greg Powers
Powers Rare Books
344 Orange Street
Manchester, NH 03104

Bruce Smith
The Arts & Crafts Press
8019 SE Culver Street
Olalla, WA 98359