Blue Sky Press (1899 - 1906)

Studies in Black and White by Sara Nelson Franklin, 1899
Not in Ransom

To Omar - Spoil of the North Wind collected by Edward Martin Moore, 1901
Ransom #12

The Glass of Time by Charlotte Becker, 1901
Ransom #14

How Jaques Came Into the Forest of Arden: An Impertinence by Elia W. Peattie, 1901
Ransom #15

In Thompson's Wood by Forest Crissey, 1901
Ransom #16

In a Balcony by Robert Browning, 1902
Ransom #19

Omar Resung by Charles G. Blanden, 1901
Ransom #20

L'Allegro and Il Penseroso by John Milton, 1902
Ransom #21

On the Difficulty of Correct Description of Books by Augustus De Morgan, 1902
Not in Ransom

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe, 1903
Ransom #26

Mistress Alice Jocelyn; Her Letters by C. Emma Cheney, 1903
Ransom #27

Castle, Knight and Troubadour by Elia W. Peatie, 1903
Ransom #29

The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, 1904
Ransom #30

The Battle of Love by Charles G. Blanden, 1904
Ransom #31

Sir Galahad: A Christmas Mystery by William Morris, printed 1904
Ransom #35

The Harper and the King's Horse by Payne Erskine, 1905
Ransom #37

The World Above; A Duologue by Martha Foote Crow, 1905
Not in Ransom

Studies in Greek Allegorical Interpretation by Anna Bates Hersman, 1905
Not in Ransom

The Blue Sky Magazine  1899 - 1902
Ransom #38

The Pageant  June 1905 - March 1907
Ransom #38 

Bookplate of Frank B. Rae, Jr. by Walter J. Enright

The Deserted Village by Oliver W. Goldsmith, printed 1898 by the Roycrofters
Illumined by Frank B. Rae, Jr.

The Year-book of the Bibliographical Society of Chicago 1900 - 1901
Essay by Thomas Wood Stevens with information regarding Frank B. Rae, Jr. and his time at Roycroft