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Immensee Theodore Storm, 1909
#4 of 100 copies printed on handmade paper
Ransom #5

A List of Lenten Services, 1909
Unknown limitation
Not in Ransom

Via Crucis Via Lucis, 1909
#1 of 125 copies (1 through 10 on Japan Vellum)
Ransom #3

A Catechism, 1909
#17 of an unknown number of copies
Not in Ransom

All four of the above titles are bound together in this book.

This is the first of Bubb's books to bear the imprint of "The Clerk's Press."

Bubb had this to say about Immensee:

About this time I came upon a small font of 8-point type that had been used to print the footnotes to the Rowfant edition of The Dial. With difficulty I managed to produce an edition of "Immensee" which I had translated myself. The type does not possess any beauty, but is interesting from the fact that the punches were out some time before 1824, possibly by George Bruce himself, and the type was specially cast for the Rowfant Club. I have not used it since as it requires too much picking of letters. This book has been in greatest demand and there are constant calls for it. I have only a very few left out of an edition of a hundred. (Bubb, "Rowfant Address") [From Charles Clinch Bubb and the Clerk's Press]

The text of this book was printed using Jenson Oldstyle - based on the Kelmscott Golden type. This was the last book issued with the "Grace Church" imprint.

Bubb wrote of this book:

My third work was a little pamphlet of sixteen pages intended to be given to those who were in trouble. For these three I had used the imprint "Grace Church Press," but it had never satisfied me. I was looking for a name... I think in a moment of inspiration I took the name, "Clerk's Press," which describes the profession of its owner. Clerk in Holy Orders is the legal title of a clergyman in communion with the Anglo-Catholic church.