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Sir Galahad: A Christmas Mystery by William Morris, 1902
One of 180 unnumbered copies printed
Johnson #17, Ransom #16

Double title page spread.

Typical text page.

The first of the two full page illustrations.

The second of the full page illustrations.

The colophon.

This book is one of the masterpieces of the Elston Press. This edition of Sir Galahad is printed in the same size (and bound in the same style) as the Elston Piers Plowman - both folios. Also like Piers Plowman, the illustrations by H. M. O'Kane are very reminiscent of Burne-Jones. This is one of the Elston books that make me wonder what William Morris would have thought of the works of the Elston Press; I believe he would have been impressed.

In his book Notes on the Elston Press, Herbert Johnson theorizes that this book was the first use of ATF's Cloister Black font.