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The Prayer Book of King Edward II Published by M. Walter Dunne, 1904
One of an unknown number of copies on paper
One of an unknown number of copies on Japan Vellum

This could be considered the second (or trade) edition of the Essex House Prayer Book; this version was published in America by M. Walter Dunne a year after the publication of the edition printed by Essex House.

This is the magnum opus of the Essex House press and contains many woodcut illustrations and initials. Some of the illustrations are full or even double page, some are smaller.

The copy on the left is bound in cloth and is printed on paper. The copy on the right is bound in leather and is printed on Japan Vellum. If anyone knows how many of these were printed, please let me know.

The section of the book pictured above contains a huge number of decorative initial letters. A few are pictured below.