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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam translated by Edward Fitzgerald. printed 1901
#83 of 100 copies printed on L.L. Brown paper
Ransom #12

This book is bound in green paper-over-boards with green leather spine. The title is in gold gilt. Although not pictured, the book retains its original dust jacket which matches the paper used to cover the boards.

The limitation statement at the beginning of the book.

The half-title page.

A typical text page.

This is one of the most interesting colophons I have ever seen. Notice the second paragraph with the number of this copy and the name of the person it was made for. That information is not hand-written; it is set in type. In other words, the type for the colophon of this book was set 100 times – once for each copy of the book.

The prospectus is laid in.

Here is an amusing paragraph from the Blue Sky Press To Omar: Spoil of the North Wind:

I do not possess a collection of even the American editions [of the Rubaiyat] – I gave it up long ago. Mr. Mosher of Portland is suspected of trying to keep pace with them. ‘Tis told he wrote the Philosopher Ellis for a Rubaiyat. Mr. Ellis replied that the Philosopher Press had not printed a Rubaiyat; and as this was unique he had thoughts of advertising the fact.

Obviously, the Philosopher Ellis did print a version of the Rubaiyat!