Here is a sampling of different types from books illustrated on this site.


Doves type from the Doves Press An Address Delivered the XIth November MDCCCC at Kelmscott House Hammersmith Before The Hammersmith Socialist Society. The punches for this type were cut by Edward Philip Prince who also cut the punches for the Kelmscott, Vale, Eragny, and Essex House presses. The Doves type is considered by many to be the best of the proprietary private press types.

Endeavor type from the Essex House Mendicant Rhymes. Cut by Edward Prince.


King's type from the Vale Press Danae. Cut by Edward Prince.


Vale type from the Vale Press The Poems of Sir John Suckling. Cut by Edward Prince.


Avon type from the Vale Press Two Gentlemen of Verona. Cut by Edward Prince.


Brook type from the Eragny Press The Little School; A Posy of Rhymes.


Satanick type from the Elston Press Philobiblon of Richard DeBury. ATF (American Type Founders) based this type on William Morris' Chaucer type.


Caslon Old Roman from the Elston Press Poems Selected from the Hesperides.


ATF Cloister Black from the Elston Press Sir Galahad.

Village Type from the Village Press At The Fireside.
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