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Nov 15, 2010

[Blue Sky Press] L'Allegro and Il Penseroso

Nov 13, 2010

[Blue Sky Press] Bookplate of Frank B. Rae, Jr.

[Blue Sky Press] The World Above; A Duologue

[Blue Sky Press] Studies in Greek Allegorical Interpretation

[Village Press] At the Fireside

[Village Press] Village Type

Jan 1, 2010

Added Ransom # to numerous entries

[Cranbrook Press] The First Published Life of Abraham Lincoln Added info

Dec 25, 2009

[Alderbrink Press] Four Old Christmas Carols

Nov 28, 2009

[Blue Sky Press] The Glass of Time

[Blue Sky Press] The Year-book of the Bibliographical Society of Chicago 1900 - 1901

[Chiswick Press] The Child Angel; A Dream

[Chiswick Press] Art and the Beauty of Earth

Nov 23, 2009

[Merrymount Press] A Description of the Pastoral Staff Belonging to the Diocese of Albany, New York

[Essex House Press] Prayer Book of King Edward VII

Nov 21, 2009

[Blue Sky Press] The Cask of Amontillado

[Blue Sky Press] Mistress Alice Jocelyn; Her Letters (Addition copies)

[Blue Sky Press] The Pageant

[Monk's Head Press] The Tale of a Nun

Nov 27, 2008

[Alderbrink] On the Morning of Christ's Nativity

[Alderbrink] Song of Demeter and Persephone

Blue Sky Press The Blue Sky Magazine (Added Bound Volume)

Blue Sky Press Studies in Black and White

Blue Sky Press On the Difficulty of Correct Description of Books

Cranbrook Press The First Published Life of Abraham Lincoln

Cranbrook Press Three Wise Men (More Pictures)

Cranbrook Press Utopia

Dec 4, 2006

Blue Sky Press How Jaques Came Into the Forest of Arden

Roycroft The Deserted Village - Illumined by Frank B. Rae, Jr. (later of the Blue Sky and Alwil Presses)

Alwil Shop Nature

Feb 15, 2006

Blue Sky Press In a Balcony

Aug 13, 2005

Added RSS feed for recent updates

Philosopher Press Fifty Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Philosopher Press Self Reliance

Philosopher Press Some Songs and Verses

Philosopher Press A Defense of Judas

Philosopher Press Jenny

Philosopher Press A Lodging for the Night

Philosopher Press The Love of a Caliban

Mar 28, 2005

Wayside Press A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig

Mar 13, 2005

Eragny Songs of Ben Jonson

Jan 04, 2005

Elston Press Daphnis & Chloe (more pictures)

Dec 31, 2004

Alderbrink Book of Ruth

Doves Press Vellum Leaf from Milton

Doves Press Catalogue of Books Printed & Published at the Doves Press 1900 - 1911

Doves Press Apologia fromAmantium Irae

Octaves in an Oxford Garden

Dec 10, 2004

Vale Press Poems of Sir John Suckling (added text and offsite link)

Marion Press Vanities in Verse (added text and offsite link)

Cranbrook Press Something About The Cranbrook Press and on Books and Bookmaking (added another copy)

Added Acknowledgments page

Nov 21, 2004

Blue Sky Press Omar Spoil of the North Wind (added another illumined copy)

Elston Press The Cenci (added a copy bound by the Monastery Hill Bindery)

De Vinne Press A Book of Shakespeare's Songs decorated by Edward Edwards, De Vinne Press, 1903

Cornhill Press The Shrine of Death and the Shrine of Love by Lady Dilke, Cornhill Press, 1901

Monk's Head Press The Berkshire Lady's Garland, Monk's Head Press, 1902

Sep 22, 2004

Eragny Press Choix De Sonnets

Essex House Press Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg

May 24, 2004

Wayside Press The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (better pictures)

Wayside Press Rip Van Winkle

May 23, 2004

Cranbrook Press The Pleasures of Planting and Other Thoughts

Eragny Press The Little School; A posy of Rhymes (better pictures)

Gay & Bird The Raven (more pictures)

Herrick; Some of His Lyrics

Apr 11, 2004

Elston Press Some Notes on Early Woodcut Books

Elston Press Sonnets From the Portuguese (added Japan Vellum copy and another copy with dust jacket)

Elston Press Sonnets of Shakespeare

Elston Press Tale of Gamelyn

Feb 9, 2004

Copeland & Day Songs from Vagabondia

Wayside Press The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Added Other British Presses link

Gay & Bird The Raven

Jan 1, 2004

Alderbrink Sonnets From the Portuguese (added standard paper copy)

Blue Sky Press In Thompson's Wood (added standard paper copy)

Daniel Press Three Japanese Plays for Children

Monadnock Press The Father: A Drama

Riverside Press Oliver and Arthur

Vale Press Race of Leaves

Vale Press Rowley Poems

Added Other American Presses link

Niagara Paper Mills A Nameless Lyric

Added About this Site link

Nov 27, 2003

Vincent Press Rasselas

Blue Sky Press Sir Galahad

Blue Sky Press Omar Resung

Elston Press The Art and Craft of Printing

Cranbrook Press The Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers

Cranbrook Press Cranbrook Tales

Nov 23, 2003

Clerk's Press Immensee